As music is evoling into an ever spectrum of diversity in retrospect so are the instruments being used. Why can’t we be 100% sure when we say the same about cymbals? Is it because the modern times have changed the production process of these beautiful instruments and that manufacturers have abandoned some of the tried and true methods of traditional cymbal making by introducing the new electric powered melting machines and gas furnaces, to sheet metal stamping? If so, how dare we call it handmade or hand hammered? Is this instrument so easy to produce in mass and keep the same quality or has the music industry expanded so much and that is so marketable that it is willing to sacrifice the quality of their instruments to be later modified by the sound engineer using software technology and fancy gadgets to make it sound right? Asking all these questions to ourselves, we would not want to introduce SYMRNA CYMBALS as the new breed of Cymbals as this would be Cliché but we would like to see it as the cymbal company that always stood their ground with its quality and knowledge of cymbal making to produce cymbals to fit every kind of musical genre by using the traditonal methods of production.

This new "DREAM TEAM" of cymbal makers have united to take cymbal making back to its traditional essential roots. Their main philosophy is to sell really unique, completely handmade cymbals keeping the consistency of the sound. The consistency of the sound? Yes, this is a first, that has come out of handmade Turkish cymbals in its history and a very serious statement that SYMRNA CYMBALS lives by. SYMRNA CYMBALS gurantees that every cymbal in its own series will carry the tonal projection up to a semitone of difference. Even hi-tech machine made cymbals rarely give this sales pitch.It is not hard to believe this when you learn that the partners of SYMRNA CYMBALS are all musicians and it gets easier to keep quality control when you have a leading drummer who is also a sound technician as a partner of the company. SYMRNA CYMBALS aims for quality not quantity, but the quality-price ratio will leave you in shock. First, you will not believe the sound you are hearing but, above all, your eyes will drop when you see the price of these cymbals, even the late Buddy Rich will come out of the grave to hear these cymbals.

Symrna Cymbals considers its products that fit into the drumset. Balance, sound and style. As the partners own musicianships evolved they have kept close contact with the history of the transformation of music.

Since the legendary brand closed its factory in Istanbul;

TomToms have gotten smaller...Bass drums have gotten longer… Snare have become dimensional and very diverse…The drumhead companies have started to use a different approach... Hardware's have become pieces of Art and Design.. It has become hard to follow new drumsticks and designs and new production methods... The drumsets have changed the sound of the world has changed we have entered sterio and our ears have evolved through the process of the digital and virtual age of muısic processing..

SYMRNA CYMBALS have turned the clock back, so to speak, and have adopted the original traditional methods. So, when they say it is hand made, they mean it! ’’EVOLUTION OF TRADITION’’ is the motto they go by and it proves that using the ancient methods of cymbal making, when put in to the right hands, truly evolves into an extravaganza of handmade quality cymbals .

Symrna Cymbals are just not talking about producing vintage cymbals. They are a company that listens to all the change that their has been in music using analog and digital methods a company that renews itself constantly a company that does it for the love of music.

The Symrna Staff is portraying the knowlegde and the experience that give them strength to transform the appettites for music by making cymbals... It all comes down with “Hammer & Sticks”...