Natlus Series

Jazz series!!!We think that the cymbals are not orientel instruments.Thus Natlus either as a series name or sound is a humoristic reaction of Western Turkey(the real Turkish vision) brand Symrna to ancient orientalist understanding.A model that has been producing for years as we named Natlus and Natlus-1, got to different model types with our approach(check out the pictures). Being produced as Natlus for rides and hi-hats, Natlus-1 for crashes and splashes.The structure of Natlus is designed like this because it’s a more possible structure to have the quality control.Rides have one profile and light-weighted.The Swing performances are impressing.Especially the crashy usage is very delightful.Next to its covering sound, the stick definition is successful.Crashes are very suitable effectively for Jazz music even they have a bright sound.We have to mention that that Natlus-1 crashes are not jazz crashes like Istanbul Jazz crashes.Their heavy-weight can be used also in rock music.Natlus hi-hats are jazz hi-hats in one word.When we use omega hi-hats cups and produce in heavier weights, they transform into hi-hats suitable for any music genre.Natlus-1 splashes are bright, easy-exploding, quick-decaying thin and flexible splashes.