Raven Series

It reflects the Turkish cymbal’s raw(just hammered not lathed) state in top down view.Every product’s bottoms are lathed.The reason of this is quality control.Lathing process is a process that we can control and interfere to the whole structure of cymbals.One of the two series that we can produce the rides with 6 different cupes(the other one is Neo Classic).It’s possible to find rides that has something for every music genre.We can say the same thing for crashes and hi-hats.We can say that samil omega cup rides are liked very much in jazz music.Raven changes sound form when the weight differs from light to heavy, and the cups differ from smail to large. i.e. 10’’ - 12’’ hi-hats mostly chosen for electronic, hiphop, drum’n’bass.But big-cupped and heavy-weight rides got positive reactions from heavy metal drummers.If we have to explain the crashes, they’re dark and delicious.Explodes quickly and easily but decays more quickly than rock crashes.We can say that for every weight.Chinas are thin structured and have dark sounds.Can be used rhythmic and effective.We can produce the cups in 6 different cup structive and make tuned packs for any set-up understanding.