Thunder Lord Series

The production target of the series in musical genres is rock, alternatif rock, funk, hard rock, and more like metal ,etc.İt has rides that we think the drummers who are looking for semi-dry ride sounds will like it very much.You can hear the bright sound of the cup and cup-round on the whole ride.It has a very suitable structure to play technically.3 different cups, varying weights and the flexibility of the ride block with these, produces the sound variety.It has tasteful hi-hats which are musical, treble yet rich harmonics.We can say that open, half-open, closed and every type of hi-hat performances are very good.It has tasteful yet treble fast-exploding crashes even with small hits.You can freely use the crashes of this series with any other Symrna series.The range is very wide.We can say that chinas are very suitable to use either rhythmic or effective.When we consider with any other crash’s characteristic inch by inch, it has a perfect harmony.The splashes of this series have a sound range fitting with every setup and our every series.