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About Symrna

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Having entered the sector in 2007, Symrna manufactures unique cymbals with the highest musician satisfaction thanks to its knowledge and experience in traditional handmade Turkish Cymbal making. Intensive R&D studies and constant testing phases at every step of production are the determining  factors that set the quality. The team that consists of leading spirited individuals who does the craft with love and passion has the greatest experience and secrets that belong to cymbal making which provides an exclusive status for the brand and distinguish Symrna from its competitors.

Symrna is a cymbal manufacturer that integrates the orchestra by adding the right percussive tones and dynamism to the music, allows a harmonious ambiance to be captured as a focal point. Symrna  Cymbals create an impact guiding the musicians to give the most appropriate emphasis in the emotional atmosphere it creates, making the music shine and taking the musical expression language to the next level. Following the evolution of every element enhancing the music world with proactive approaches, Smyrna aims to be a global player that shapes the music world by producing traditional handmade Turkish cymbals with its unique R&D studies.

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of high-quality and unbreakable cymbals being produced to date, Symrna continues its journey with an ecosystem of distributors and dealers in different geographies. Operating in the sector for 15 years, Symrna has gained the flexibility to carry out more proactive production, sales and marketing activities with the investment it received in 2022. Contributing to the music industry by reaching more destinations in the world, including the modernization of the production process with its strong financial structure, is among the top priorities of our company. Symrna continues its journey with a new and visionary leader team to achieve these goals.

What Makes Us Unique

Music is a constantly evolving entity. Apart from human nature, emotions, psychological and sociological elements, the world of cymbals is also experiencing an uninterrupted evolution process in parallel with the developments in music recording technologies, new features of concert halls, and changes in instruments such as drums, drumsticks and microphones. In other words, we may be able to say that the factors that evolved the cymbals have the same origin as the factors that evolved the music. Symrna integrates these developments into the production process, thanks to its R&D activities that closely follow all the elements that evolve music and cymbals, and in this way, it directs the sector by producing the cymbals of the future rather than today.


On the other hand, there is a great accumulation and experience in the production process of cymbals that were born in these territories in the 16th century, which we can describe as “secret”. These glazes appear in a wide range that determine the quality of the cymbals at every stage of production, from the raw material copper and tin ratios to the management of the heating-cooling processes, from the way of annealing to how the furnace dome should be or how to hammer by hand. These are the glazes; the most crucial factors that determine the quality. Thanks to those glazes Symrna has, our cymbals, which flow at the right temperatures with the right weights, take on an unbreakable quality. Having more than thirty years of experience and hundreds of thousands of handmade cymbal references, Symrna has been in a constant change in production  process and has been making improvements through R&D activities. As a result, Symrna has become a unique manufacturer that exhibits a strong management perspective directing the way how to reach the right sound.

The approach shown in the testing process of cymbals during production is another feature that makes Symrna Cymbals unique. Instead of starting the testing process after the end of production, which is customary in the sector, there is a meticulous testing process at every stage in Symrna,  accordingly, when a problem is encountered at any stage of production, necessary corrections are made immediately at that moment or faulty cymbals are eliminated before the production process is completed in order not to compromise on quality. After the production process is completed with these tests at all stages, the cymbals are sent to our test center and the final tests are once again performed on 12 different drum sets in our own recording studio. In this way, cymbals with high quality, customer satisfaction far above the market average and almost zero breakage rate are presented to the music world without compromising on sound quality.

The most important reason that makes Symrna Cymbals special and unique can be summed up in one word: Love! We have achieved to get together a truly passionate visionary leading team that values human and a production team that performs the job deservedly. When set off with such team, if you center on love then you will be able to produce a cymbal that will make a real contribution to music. Or else, none of the team members will use their whole body resistance until the end of the water tempering in front of an oven at 800 degrees and will do a cursory job. 

Last words

At the end of all this mentality and approach, the cymbals we produce as Symrna connect with the drum sets and create a harmonious focal point. At this point, an attractive effect comes into play and the music towards the right atmosphere and the beautiful side of the rhythm occurs. Our cymbals express themselves by saying "We belong here" with the drum sets they connect with. If other cymbals are put in between, the drum sets will discard those cymbals and continue the music with Symrna Cymbals that reveal a sense of belonging.

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