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Symrna Cymbals offer a Limited 3-year warranty. If, after inspection by our cymbal experts, it is determined that the cymbal failed under normal use, a replacement cymbal of the same size and series will be provided free of charge. Splash and effect cymbals are not covered by the warranty.


Symrna Cymbals Company Warranty Statement Details

Symrna Cymbals are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for one years from the date of original purchase.

Warranty Process

Cymbals that show factory defects within one years of their original purchase are eligible for examination at our factory. Symrna experts will evaluate the damage and issue a replacement cymbal, unless it appears the damage is related to improper use or care.


A Cymbal will not be replaced if

It has been misplayed, dropped, played with excessive force or treated abusively.

The center hole is worn due to improper stand set-up or abusive play.

The cymbal was bought second-hand or used in a lease program.

The cymbal has previously been replaced by Symrna.

More than two years have passed since the cymbal was purchased.

Warranty Notes:

Splash cymbals and FX Series cymbals are not covered by warranty. These cymbals must be stored and played with extra care.

Breakage that is perpendicular to the bell’s hole is not covered by warranty.

Damage around the bell caused by improper hardware connection is not covered by warranty.

Factory evaluations take approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

Cymbals that do not meet the warranty guidelines will be returned to the customer.

Cost of shipping a replacement or damaged cymbal back to the customer will be covered by Symrna.

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