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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference of Natural and Brillant cymbals?
    Look: The most noticeable difference is the look: ‘Brilliant Finish’ cymbals are hand polished to a bright and shiny high-gloss look. ‘Natural Finish’ cymbals are not polished, remaining instead in their natural state. Sound: Although the looks make a big difference, sounds between ‘Natural’ and ‘Brilliant’ cymbals may differ only a little.
  • How does the cymbal bell affect the sound of a cymbal?
    The bell does work as a resonator for a cymbal. The larger the bell, the more open the sound and longer sustain it gets. There are different bell sizes and they all play important roles in defining the response of the cymbal.
  • How does the thickness and weight affect the sound of a cymbal?
    The thicker the cymbal, the heavier it will be and also not to forgt to mention; brighter and louder the sound. The heavy Rock Crash is bright sounded cymbal which has greater sustain, and of course is louder.
  • Do we recicle broken cymbals for credit for the new ones?
    As company policy, We do not have such a program.
  • Can I also be an endorser?
    Any drummer who potentialy has good influence to the manufacturer’s target buyers is a candidate for an endorsement agreement.
  • What is the benefit of being an endorser?
    The agreement may include free offerings based on the level of exposure a drummer can provide. But there are usually limits on the number and frequency of such considerations. Another valuable advantage is to support the artist.. Endorsers enjoy better prices and faster service. This is extremly important for touring drummers whose local stores may not have products. Drummers may also get their names and photos in the manufacturer's product promotions and website.
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