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Istanbul Raw Jazz Series

Istanbul Jazz, Crafted for jazz music in which Turkish cymbals are already highly successful.  It covers 2 types of  Ride Cymbals which have foggy sounds arising from its thin structures: Twilight and Darklight. They are very much alike in high tones, but different in their harmonic structures. Tested with mallet, brush and jazz sticks, İstanbul Jazz Series are new wonders of the Jazz cymbals’ world. Renaissance, an ultra dry sound. Symrna Cymbals would like to present this unique sounding cymbal. This line is for hard rock and beyond. 

As it is understood from its name, this series is a professional carefully set line for drummers who want to perform Jazz music. The stick definition of this series is perfect. It has a dynamic surface. This series has stick control reflection. With their thin but strong bells, their resonance is short as desired in Jazz music. Istanbul Jazz series has been designed with small bells for Jazz drummers with high control mechanics. They’re fully tuned high-class cymbals designed with a Jazz drum set in mind. Volume levels are adjusted by taking Jazz drums into consideration. The cymbals of this series undergo a vigorous hammering and lathing process. It’s a series admirable by everyone. From hi-hats to crashes, they’re controlled cymbals. They do not open up again and again;  they do not add loudness. They always have control and they represent the aesthetics of Jazz music. Jazz music is the one genre that utilizes services of the Ride the most; this was taken into consideration while designing this set. Any drummer who plays Jazz music can buy this set and get on the stage confidently. It is a set quite sufficient for use on stage. This set fulfills all requirements for Jazz music. A thin weight series, Istanbul Jazz is paper-thin and subtle; for a top-class Jazz cymbal is unthinkable at any other weight. 

Made by Symrna B21+ bronze

Product Range

Hi Hat
Flat Ride
Crash Ride