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Natlus & Re Natlus Series

Jazz series!!! We think that the cymbals are not orientel instruments. Thus Natlus either as a series name or sound is a humoristic reaction of Western Turkey (the real Turkish vision) brand Symrna to ancient orientalist understanding. A model that has been producing for years as we named Natlus and Re Natlus. Being produced as Natlus for rides and hi-hats, Natlus-1 for crashes and splashes. The structure of Natlus is designed like this because it’s a more possible structure to have the quality control. Rides have one profile and light-weighted. The Swing performances are impressing. Especially the crashy usage is very delightful. Next to its covering sound, the stick definition is successful. Crashes are very suitable effectively for Jazz music even they have a bright sound. We have to mention that that Natlus-1 crashes are not jazz crashes like Istanbul Jazz crashes. Their heavy-weight can be used also in rock music. Natlus hi-hats are jazz hi-hats in one word. When we use omega hi-hats cups and produce in heavier weights, they transform into hi-hats suitable for any music genre. Natlus-1 splashes are bright, easy-exploding, quick-decaying thin and flexible splashes.

Made by Symrna B21+ bronze

Product Range

Flat Ride
Crash Ride