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Thunder Earth Series

A series, that we think, addresses to funk, rock, hard rock and more. Big bell rides are heavy weight and if we compare to the other rides an this weight, we can say it has a darker sound.It’s produced with hammering and polishing processes. The quality check has been done while it’s raw, then sent to the polishing. We can say that hi-hats have treble and powerful sounds. Second hat performance liked very much. Because it has a rich closed hat sound that can fit with double bass and a strong snare. Although the crashes produced with just hammering and polishing, they are flexible that lead easy exploding.It has a treble sound as attack, dark and covering sound as decay and sustain. Chinas are thick, Flexible and high volumed. Shows itself with own power on drumset. Splashes have a treble sound while crashing but, have a dark and powerful sound on total hearing. Bells are just big cups out of TE rides. They’re treble and controlled.

Made by Symrna B21+ bronze

Product Range

Hi Hat
Flat Ride
Crash Ride