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Premıum & Hıgh-End Cymbals

Immerse your sound In tradItIoN

Symrna_Cymbals_15tyAnniversary21''_Ride kopyası.png

15th Anniversary

Modern vintage custom cymbal series.

Symrna_Cymbals_Chimera22''_Ride kopyası.png

With its stylish look here is the newest Symrna. Chimera delivers a nice dry sound with a filtered EQ.

Neo Classic.png


A renewed interpretation of traditional Turkish cymbals.

istanbul jazz ride

Istanbul Jazz

As it is understood from its name, this series is a professional carefully set line for drummers who want to perform Jazz music. The stick definition of this series is perfect. It has a dynamic surface.


Istanbul Raw Jazz

Istanbul Jazz, Crafted for jazz music in which Turkish cymbals are already highly successful.  It covers 2 types of  Ride Cymbals which have foggy sounds arising from its thin structures: Twilight and Darklight. This one is a Darklight.



Lush and musical due to the big hammering on its surface.   As profoundly hammered along the circular lines, it gives a different sense from the classical cymbal timbre. Rich in harmonics and complex in its timbre. Trashy and dry in low weight cymbals. One of the best in modern desinged cymbals

Symrna Cymbals Thunder Lord Series

Thunder Lord

A classic and bright hybrid model which changes in disguise as the grams of the cymbal change. It works well in all genres, between pop, jazz and heavy metal. Thin and paper thin crashes, splashes and china can be used in each set. It has a completely harmonious tone


A series, that we think, addresses to funk, rock, hard rock and more...



The most common in the cymbal world, good for all kind of Music. Bright, fast and strong sound...



The Balance developed by contrast certainly defines the Araf series. The most remarkable musical characteristic of this series is the ability to convert the tonicity wherever used in a musical range into a rich harmonic structure. 

natlus 3.png


Jazz series!!!We think that the cymbals are not orientel instruments.Thus Natlus either as a series name or sound is a humoristic reaction of Western Turkey(the real Turkish vision) brand Symrna to ancient orientalist understanding.



Moderate and bright. The tones are clear and smooth in this series. Acoria series reflects its positive outlook to its music.

Flexi 14'' Crash


An effective series that firstly produces by us. We can name the S-FXs as fluid cymbals. The production range is crash, splash and china. Hand and stick performances are impressive.

Clapstack 1 1" 13" 15''

Clapstack, Hitstack, Tronicstack, Hatstack Trashstack and different sizes.

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